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BLOOMIFY Miniature Orchid Terrarium -Zero Care - Haraella retrocalla - 3" Cube

BLOOMIFY Miniature Orchid Terrarium -Zero Care - Haraella retrocalla - 3" Cube

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Brand: Bloomify

Color: Green


  • UNIQUE MAINTENANCE FREE 4” TERRARIUM: No food, water, or light source needed!
  • BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE GIFT: The perfect gift, even for those without a green thumb.
  • ELEGANT & LONG LASTING: Your orchid will bloom over a lifespan of 1 year in the terrarium.
  • Free heat pack will be included in shipping box during winter season

Details: Haraella retrocalla is unique orchid species from Taiwan. The whole plant is 2 inches wide at maturity with a blooming flower spike. Your orchid will grow healthy and bloom repeatedly due to the nutritional medium it lives in. The blooming plant thrives in gel. With our special recipe medium, you will be able to watch your miniature orchid grow in a contained glass bottle 100% maintenance free for months or up to a year! And it gets better! At any point, you can also transplant your plant into a pot. OUR GUARANTEE: Delivered healthy with growth for a solid month... or we will send you a new plant. We are professional plant scientists using state-of-the-art plant biotechnology who develop maintenance free miniature plants for plant enthusiasts. All of our plants are non-GMO, developed with cutting edge molecular biology and biochemistry techniques.

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