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Tertill Garden Weeding Robot - Weed your Garden Automatically

Tertill Garden Weeding Robot - Weed your Garden Automatically

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  • EASY TO USE – Place Tertill in any garden that meets the requirements, press the button once to wake it up, and again to make it go. From the inventor of Roomba.
  • GARDEN REQUIREMENTS – 4-inch (or higher) border, a foot between plants or rows, a relatively flat (slope of less than 7 degrees), and relatively smooth surface. Place Tertill in a weed-free garden to start. Each robot can maintain up to 200 sq. ft.
  • PLANTS vs WEEDS – Tertill uses height to identify plants from weeds. Anything tall enough to touch its front sensors is considered a plant and Tertill will turn away. If it passes under the robot, Tertill cuts it. Included plant guards protect desired seedlings not tall enough to be detected by the robot.
  • STAYS in the GARDEN– Tertill never goes on vacation or has something better to do. It is weatherproof and can stay in the garden from Spring through Fall. Solar-powered, it never needs to be charged!
  • GREAT GIFT – Perfect for busy moms, dads, grandparents or anyone who doesn't have the time, ability or desire to weed the garden, but still wants to grow fresh healthy vegetables for their family.

Part Number: sku000001

Details: Tertill enables you to weed your home vegetable garden with just the touch of a button, no programming required. With its rugged weatherproof shell and large solar panel, Tertill can weed a 200 square foot garden all season long using only the power of the sun. Enjoy a non-toxic, low-maintenance, high-yield organic garden by eliminating the need for chemical herbicides, weed block, or dense planting. Use Tertill with or without mulch. Enjoy a more beautiful and bountiful garden - without all the weeding! Includes: Solar-powered weeding robot 10 Plant Guards 10 Row Guards 10 Replacement whacker strings Laminated garden planner

EAN: 0860001815511

Package Dimensions: 11.7 x 11.7 x 7.2 inches

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