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Tertill® Accessory Kit

Tertill® Accessory Kit

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Brand: Tertill

Color: silver


  • Compatible with all Tertill models
  • Includes 20-pack of whacker string replacements, 2-pack of whacker hub replacements, 20 pack of plant guards and 20 pack of row guards.
  • Replace strings when they get below one-inch length and hubs if whacker strings easily slip out when installed. String replacement every 1-4 weeks depending amount of rocks in soil.
  • Tertill plant and row guards can be used to protect small plants and seedlings until they grow tall enough for Tertill's sensors to detect
  • Tertill row and plant guards also help identify where seeds are planted and provide a place to place a plant identification label (label not included)

Details: Accessory Kit for the Tertill Solar Powered Weeding Robot. Details: 20 Whacker Strings 2 Whacker Hubs 20 Plant Guards 20 Row Guards

EAN: 0860001815504

Package Dimensions: 13.5 x 12.2 x 4.2 inches

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