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Sedum Tile, Live Sedum Succulent Planter, Stonecrop Plant Sedum Mat, Preplanted

Sedum Tile, Live Sedum Succulent Planter, Stonecrop Plant Sedum Mat, Preplanted

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Brand: Plants for Pets

Color: Green


  • LIVE SEDUM TILE: Charming plant mat featuring a combination of pre-planted sedum succulent plants with earthy colors and contrasting shapes. These low-growing perennial plants are easy to care for and offer endless possibilities for display.
  • DIY VERTICAL GARDEN: Place this enchanting living wall planter sedum mix in a plant hanger or vertical planter alongside wall hanging plants, garden plants in a horizontal planter, flowers in a plant holder, and other garden wall decor plants.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE BEAUTY: Sedum plants live happily in poor conditions and even thrive when neglected. The groundcover plants in this tile wall provide remarkable beauty with minimal effort required.
  • EASY TO GROW AND PROPAGATE: Customize a tile planter with sedum seeds of your choice with hundreds of varieties of plants to choose from (e.g. creeping sedum, carpet sedum, Sedum morganianum aka sedum burrito, Sedum makinoi).
  • REAL PLANTS AT YOUR DOOR: Your live plants will arrive in prime condition.

Binding: Kitchen

Part Number: Stonecrop Mat

Details: Our Sedum Tile Succulent Planter is a live plant mat featuring a stunning combination of pre-planted sedum succulents. Complementing each other with earthy colors and contrasting forms, the various sedum in this tile wall provide natural beauty with endless possibilities for a creative and aesthetic display. Sedum plants are flowering succulents and members of the very diverse Crassulaceae family (aka stonecrop). In late spring to early summer, small, star-shaped flowers emerge from short, ascending flower shoots, contrasting the succulents’ smooth and thick, fleshy leaves. The sun-loving evergreens are known for their hardiness and ability to thrive in areas where most plants do not, so you can place this succulent wall décor almost anywhere you please, as long as there is good drainage and adequate sunlight. Sedum tile succulent planters are commonly used for vertical gardens, wall decorations, green roofs, garden planting, gardener gifts, and much more. Use preplanted flowers and stunning plant tiles for wall décor to effortlessly liven up any indoor or outdoor space. Alternatively, arrange this live wall planter with exciting garden accessories and indoor plants or outdoor plants of your choice to create a unique presentation. The low-growing perennials of this tile planter are remarkably easy to care for and even thrive in neglect, making them a popular choice for plant owners of any skill. Exceptionally tolerant of drought and heat, sedum grows best with full sun and in dry, loose soil. Partial shade is tolerated, although it will affect the plants’ sturdiness and ability to flower. Water every 1 to 2 weeks, allowing the soil to dry between waterings to avoid root rot. Sedums plants tolerate a wide range of temperatures with most varieties being hardy to zones 4 - 10, and will typically begin to go dormant when temperatures drop below 50°F. In temperate climates, sedum can be brought indoors during the winter and kept at a temperature range of 60 - 70°F.

EAN: 0810024702336

Package Dimensions: 21.0 x 11.0 x 5.0 inches

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