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Remington Solar

Remington Solar 30 Watt/BLK 38V Roof Mount Solar Attic Fan

Remington Solar 30 Watt/BLK 38V Roof Mount Solar Attic Fan

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Brand: Remington Solar

Color: Black


  • REDUCES YOUR ENERGY BILL… COOLS YOUR ATTIC & HOME… IMPROVES HVAC & FURNACE PERFORMANCE: Summer months bring higher energy bills, partly because of the limited airflow into your Attic! This solar roof-vent fan Cools attics & Automatically keeps your Home Cooler… taking the stress off your Furnace, HVAC & your Wallet!
  • POWERED BY FREE SOLAR ENERGY… FIGHTS MOISTURE DAMAGE: Finding Moisture Damage in your home can cause severe consequences to your home’s value and your family’s health. This solar exhaust fan is fueled by the Sun & Automatically Combats Moisture!
  • BUILT-IN HUMIDISTAT & THERMOSTAT… HYBRID ADAPTER TO RUN AT NIGHT (SOLD SEPERATELY): Heat & Moisture damage your attic & can create HUGE repair bills… Remington Solar’s roof ventilation fan includes a Humidistat & Thermostat to automatically change airflow based on your attic’s needs! In addition, it can also be fitted with our Hybrid Adapter (Sold Separately) to Run at Night!
  • LIFE-EXTENDING, BRUSHLESS MOTOR… LITTLE-TO-NO-NOISE… HAIL & WEATHER RESISTANT: This Brushless Motor creates no friction & turns your motor without wear, giving your solar roof fan a longer life! It’s also near-inaudible & comes with a Texas Windstorm Document!
  • DESIGNED FOR A LIFETIME OF USE… 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: You have nothing to lose! Simply try our solar powered ventilation fan & if for any reason you aren't satisfied, we'll refund EVERY penny within 30-days! We also back the Fan with a limited Lifetime Warranty!
  • EXTRA LARGE FLASHING FOR ZERO LEAKS...22.5" x 22.5" steel flashing
  • Includes 110V hybrid adapter to allow your fan to run at nights as long as your attic is above 80 degrees. (Requires surge protector which would void warranty without.)

Binding: Lawn & Patio

model number: SF30-BLK

Part Number: SF30-BLK

Details: COOL YOUR ATTIC AND HOME… SAVE ON ELECTRIC BILLS… EASE YOUR HVAC / FURNACE’S STRESS: Attics can reach up to 140+ Degrees in the summer months; it’s no wonder you dread paying your energy bill during July… Remington Solar could EASILY lower your energy consumption!
This solar powered roof fan ventilates your attic utilizing FREE Solar Power, which cools your home AND takes the load off your HVAC/Furnace… Saving you THOUSANDS over time!

BUILT-IN HUMIDISTAT / THERMOSTAT: Whether its humid or a dry climate, this fan was made for your home! Its Humidistat and Thermostat allow it to automatically fight Moisture or Heat based on its readings!

BRUSHLESS MOTOR TO EXTEND THE FAN’S LIFE… TEXAS WINDSTORM CERTIFIED: No more brush replacements for your outdated attic fan… This Solar Roof Vent features a brushless motor, which turns the motor without wear or friction, extending the life of your fan! This fan is also Texas Windstorm Certified!

ADD-ON AVAILABLE TO AUTOMATICALLY SWITCH POWER SOURCE AND OPERATE AT NIGHT: Most solar attic vents “claim” to have a 110v inverter to run the fan at night… except YOU have to climb up and MANUALLY switch the fan!
Remington Solar’s 110v Hybrid Adapter (SOLD SEPARATELY) Automatically detects low power from your panel, while checking the temperature of your attic to determine if it should run on house power!

30-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE AND LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY: We’re so confident in this Solar Powered Fan for Attics we’re giving you a 30-day RISK-FREE TRIAL, on top of a 15-year warranty! If you don’t like it simply send it back and we’ll refund every cent!
** CAN VENTILATE 2,200 SQ. FT.**
All parts included: Solar Panel Fan with Housing Humidistat/Thermostat Hinges Mounting Screws

EAN: 0856077004058

Package Dimensions: 25.0 x 24.0 x 12.0 inches

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