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Pack of 8 Live Small Exotic Lithops Plant One Year Old Seedlings Perfect for Lithops Starter Great Terrarium Addition (Pack of 8 Seedlings)

Pack of 8 Live Small Exotic Lithops Plant One Year Old Seedlings Perfect for Lithops Starter Great Terrarium Addition (Pack of 8 Seedlings)

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Color: Rainbow


  • These Baby Seedlings are Perfect for Lithops Starter. 8 Rare live exotic BABY lithops plants. 12 Months Old Seedling. Diameter: 0.3-0.5 Inch. We will guarantee varieties.
  • The different species and varieties of Lithops have different colors and patterns on the leaves.
  • Please check the Seedling SIZE, These are Year Old Seedlings. Our plants are shipped bare root (without soil), individually wrapped.
  • Growing Lithops is harder and requires more attention than other succulent and cactus plants. Depending on the Lithop growing season, sometimes lithops will begin to naturally split, crack etc. Lithops can have scars on their sides and on top, this is natural and doesn't mean your lithop is dying. Lithops split. Any scarring is not permanent and will be shedded when they split! This is a natural process with Lithops. Sometimes they just die. No reason, it just happens.
  • Please check out our store for more Rare Lithops Collection. Fast shipping via USPS First Class with tracking number. Please email me if you have any questions or request

Details: These Super Cute 12 Months Old BABY ♥ Lithops ♥ Seedlings (Living Stone Plants) are native to South Africa, where they grow among rocks or soil the same color as their two succulent leaves. Lithops are succulents that store water in their fleshy leaves but are not related to cacti. Living stones are small plants. Specifications: Live Lithops Plant (Random species with varies pattern and color) Pack of 8 Plant Size: 10-12 Months Old Seedling Diameter: 0.3-0.5 Inch Lithops plant will ship Bare Root (Unpotted) Watering: Keep plants barely moist! Overwatering is the most common problem people have with Living Stones. During the cold winter months, watering should be light and infrequent once again, until such as time as the days grow longer and the temperature begins to warm a bit. Generally, Lithops will do best being watered about once every 2-3 weeks (when not in active growth or flowering). Tap water or distilled water is fine. Light: Lithops requires full to very bright sun (either direct or indirect). It can take full strength sun, but be mindful of sun burning the leaves. After repotting the plant, please allow 5-7 days for plant acclimate to changes in light quality. A window facing West, South or East should do nicely. Soil: Use a quick draining soil mix (a packaged soil mix for cactus and succulents should have sand added at the rate of about 60% soil mix to 40% sand by volume). Another good mix would be 40% peat moss and 60% perlite to allow even faster drainage Fast shipping with tracking number. Please email if you have any questions or request.

EAN: 0712760341537

Package Dimensions: 3.7 x 2.3 x 2.2 inches



Finding the Perfect Gift for the Busy Real Estate Agent: An Easy to Grow House Plant

If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for a busy real estate agent, look no further – give them an easy to grow house plant! Whether it’s rolling in new listings and showings or working long hours selling properties – these savvy agents don’t always have time to sit back, relax, and enjoy nature. That doesn’t mean they can't bring some of that beauty into their lives though. A low-maintenance potted plant is just what they need to spruce up their office-home (faux home?) and add a bit of fun greenspace - plus caretaking provides a built in stress relief activity from all the hustle & bustle. Let's talk about finding the perfect little greenery buddy for that special Realtor in your life – let's jump into Finding the Perfect Gift for the Busy Real Estate Agent: An Easy To Grow House Plant!

What Makes an Easy-to-Grow House Plant Perfect for the Busy Real Estate Agent?

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a busy real estate agent, an easy-to-grow houseplant is just what they need! Caring for an indoor plant doesn’t have to be time consuming - with plants like spathiphyllums (peace lilies) and ZZ's only requiring occasional watering and periodic misting of leaves. This makes them both low maintenance and no fuss - meaning more time to focus on making those sales! Additionally, certain varieties can neglect lower light levels which means they can even survive in less than ideal conditions.

Overall, a nice aromatic blend of calming succulents or perennials would make any realtor’s desk stand out amongst their peers. And let’s not forget affordability- Whether you are gifting one large plant or scattering smaller ones around, these plants don't come with hefty price tags so your pocketbook won't suffer too much either. It's the perfect combination of advantage; easy on the eyes aesthetically speaking & an effortless purchase altogether!

The Benefits of Having an Easy-to-Grow House Plant

An easy-to-grow house plant is the perfect gift for a busy real estate agent. It requires minimal maintenance and provides a stress relieving activity for all the hustle associated with their job. The best types of plants to give as gifts are easy to care for and offer long term beauty, such as succulents, snake plants or rubber trees. Not only will they help brighten up an office space in need of some greening, but taking part in caring for something can bring joy and relaxation into someone’s life while keeping them connected to greenery that they may not be able to access in nature on a daily basis because of their job responsibilities.
In addition to being low-maintenance, some popular house plants have air purifying properties which makes them even more beneficial for agents who choose this type of lifestyle - adding oxygenated air around the workspace instead of stale recycled air from indoor AC systems helps improve moods too! Giving your real estate friend an easy-to-grow house plant may also spark open conversations about being environmentally conscious through little things like choosing live vegetation over synthetic materials when decorating workspaces – encouraging respect towards our surroundings inside & out is always good practice!

How to Care for an Easy-to-Grow House Plant

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a busy real estate agent, an easy-to-grow houseplant is ideal. Not only will they benefit from the visual beauty and stress relief of potting and taking care of a living thing - they can also enjoy feeling like a great gardener without having put in too much effort!

When deciding which type of plant to get them, opt for something that doesn't require too much work. Succulents are one commonly chosen option due to their relatively low maintenance needs: you just need to keep an eye on watering frequency since many succulents won't want more than once per week. Conversely, air plants don’t even need soil - making their water requirement minimal as they take life straight from the air itself! Whatever type of easy-to-grow plant your real estate agent ends up with though, make sure to mention all initial instructions when giving them their present so there's no confusion during setup or ongoing caretaking. Some other helpful tips include positioning it away from direct sunlight (if needed) and be sure to give regular dusting & cleaning sessions for healthier foliage growth! Following these simple steps can ensure that your recipient enjoys their gift for years ahead - hassle free.

Where to Find the Perfect Easy-to-Grow House Plant

Finding the perfect, easy-to-grow houseplant for a busy real estate agent is simple when you know where to look. Whether your special someone prefers blooming flowers or beautiful green foliage, there’s a houseplant that will fit their needs perfectly and can grow equally well indoors or out. Popular indoor plants like succulents require little upkeep and are sure to bring joy with their colorful blooms; tall grasses can bring life into any space with their vibrant texture; whereas larger specimens like Ficus Benjamina or rubber tree plant make as statement piece for dull corners, just requiring regular pruning every once in awhile. These options are all sure to provide an extra element of nature in the home without being too much of a burden on the schedule – no matter how busy it may be!

If you ever find yourself wondering which specific kind of houseplant would make the ideal present, simply browse through gardening websites such as PlantCareToday and Gardenista for inspiration. Here, among picturesque petunias and dainty daisies you can see what other gardeners have achieved at home with minimal effort. Dedicated subscription services such as Bloomin Boxes also offer an exciting array of preselected pots packed full of seasonal floral favorites —dumping drama – all ready to enjoy upon receiving! Whatever option they choose provides hours of delightful deriving caretaking practice while bringing life into their everyday spaces even during hectic times - double win!

How to Decorate with an Easy-to-Grow House Plant

Choosing an easy-to-grow house plant is key when you’re shopping for a busy real estate agent. An air plant or succulent can be perfect! These plants are hard to kill and don't require much attention since they don't need soil to grow. They also have unique shapes and textures, making them stand out amongst more traditional plants like ferns or ivy. And better yet - they can even add a touch of color as some varieties will bloom with lush flowers that your giftee won’t be able to help but admire!

When it comes to decorating their office space, you should keep in mind what the agent would appreciate most. A deep green hoya might look lovely displayed on their desk surrounded by bookshelves, or perhaps it could bring charm hung from the rafters looking down onto their work area. Maybe not all roads lead directly through greenery either – after all these professionals spend a lot of time outdoors so wind chimes made from beach glass may serve just as well (and are certainly low maintenance!). You really can find options that check both boxes here: Simple + Beautiful = Perfection!

Tips for Keeping an Easy-to-Grow House Plant Alive & Thriving

For the real estate agent on-the-go, house plants are an ideal gift for sprucing up their “office-home”. While not all green thumbs have the time to care and nurture a plant, there are low-maintenance options out there which require minimal effort yet still bring beauty into any living space. To ensure your easy to grow house plant stays vibrant and healthy, take note of some simple tips:

First and foremost, find a spot with plenty of indirect sunlight. Overhead lights aren't often enough to give your potted pal what it needs – try finding somewhere in close proximity to windows or use fluorescent bulbs if needed. Also remember that most plants prefer cooler temperatures – particularly overnight when things can get chilliest! Finally don’t forget about maintenance - water regularly but not excessively; dead leaves need trimming, as well as occasional fertilizer; if things look bad then evaluation is key so damage can be stopped before it spreads further.

These steps might sound complex at first glance but once you set everything up correctly all will stay the same moving forward – meaning it's just a few minutes every week or two of really easy upkeep! With these simple tips you can help keep your busied friend’s beloved greenery alive & thriving without having to break their daily hustle in search of hidden botanists skills they never knew they had!

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