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Hydroponics Growing System,Smart Hydroponic Gardening System with LED Grow Light,Indoor Hydroponic Herb Grow Kit with Climbing Trellis for Short Tomato,Pepper,Cucumber,Great Gift for Valentine's Day

Hydroponics Growing System,Smart Hydroponic Gardening System with LED Grow Light,Indoor Hydroponic Herb Grow Kit with Climbing Trellis for Short Tomato,Pepper,Cucumber,Great Gift for Valentine's Day

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Color: Green


  • 1️⃣【Grow Strong, Fast and Smart】 The eSuperegrow Smart Hydroponic Gardening System utilizes professional design for strong growth and superior harvest. Double-layer structure with a built-in water pump design for increased water circulation and more oxygen to improve plant growth. Includes customized high-efficiency grow light with 60-degree lens for more concentrated and efficient light—the plants grow faster and better.
  • 2️⃣【Smart Hydroponic Growing System】This updated indoor garden kit is smarter. Three lighting timer settings for different grow stages:[12h on, 12h off; 16h on, 8h off; 24h on] Build-in automatic pump,self-watering that works for 1h and stops for 3h as a circle. Hydroponic kit with a smart reminder, when there is low-capacity water the unit will be beeping to remind you to add water. Planting easily and never worry to add water.
  • 4️⃣【Great for Learning Hydroponic Gardening】Great for students and classrooms as well as for experienced gardeners, this growing system does not take much space on a desk or tabletop (only a 12” x 5” footprint) and has built-in intelligent, easy to control settings for lighting and watering. Just add seeds and learn to add nutrients (like fertilizer), manage pH and lighting needed to maximize your hydroponic crops—and you can enjoy the fruit of your own labor year-round!
  • 5️⃣【Wonderful Gift】The hydroponic growing kit is easy to assemble and easy to use. It's not only an indoor micro-green green garden, but also decorative. The vegetables can grow clean and fast (without soil) and it's fun to watch the plants sprout, thrive, produce and then harvest.You can convenient to get fresh food at home even in kitchen. A great gardening present for dad, mom, other relatives and friends. It’s also a cool education gift for children, students and classrooms.
  • 6️⃣【Safe and Durable Materials】eSuperegrow always offers quality products. The grow basin and holder are made of food-grade ABS, corrosion-resistant, crack-resistant, non-toxic and safe material. The grow light is made of die-cast aluminum with excellent heat-dissipation to lengthen lifespan, and the high efficient COB LED chip with 60° lens for strong growth. The submersible pumps, compared with air pumps, have higher quality, longer lifespan and is quieter.

model number: MT6200LC2

Part Number: 6200

Details: eSuperegrow has been researching the hydroponic system for 10 years
No matter the traditional planting or other similar hydroponic products, we could say we do the most tests with many kinds of plants for products and get enough experiences,then launch to customers.

🌱Double-layers structure with a built-in water pump design, forming a large water circulation. Which makes the water contains more oxygen to promotes root growth. And the strong root with good absorption of nutrients and water to raise up plant growth.
🌱Easy to Use--put seeds into the pots directly and no need another germination kit, just add water and nutrients when reminded.
🌱Easy to Clean--Assemble and disassemble simply, easy to clean for a longer lifespan, and good for starting another planting.
🌱Customized high-efficiency plant growth lamp with 60-degree lens, more concentrated and efficient light, the plants grow faster and better.
🌱Height Adjustable: come with two 30cm lighting holders, you can combine into 60cm(30+30) high according to your plants growth.Note: The flexibility of ABS makes the holder a little shake, and please do not combine over 80cm.
🌱2.5 L large Capacity with 2 big plant pot to offer enough space of growing, not only for small vegetables but also large plants like cucumber,pepper, eggplant.

💡 It's advice to use choose the growlight time mode accordding to the plants grow stages:
>>early stage(germination duration):green indicator--12h on,12h off;
>>thrive stage:blue indicator--16h on,8h off;
>>fruting stage:red indicator--24h on(lighting all the time)
💡If you grow big crop, please keep one plant only at each pot when plants is around 6 inches in height, to provide enough space to grow.

EAN: 0727780406159

Package Dimensions: 15.2 x 8.8 x 5.9 inches

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