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Freeze dried candy sample pack of 10

Freeze dried candy sample pack of 10

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  • Our sampler mix brings you a variety of flavor, perfect to try our different varieties We freeze dry our candy in small batches Transform your desserts with our delicous freeze dried candy by sprinkling crunchy candies on any cookie, cake or ice cream Freeze dried treats are ideal for on the go snacking, outdoors or just anywhere Our resealable packaging helps with preserving the freshness of your candy Thank you for your supporting our small bussiness!

Details: Our Freeze Dried Candy Sampler Pack is the perfect way to find out if you like, love, or really love freeze dried candy! Each package is filled to the brim with TEN hand picked freeze dried candies. Air Crisp - Spree Air Taffy - Airheads Caramel Apple Suckers Caramel Chocolate Puffs - Caramel M&Ms Charlie Puffs - Charleston Chew Cinnamon Hots - Red Hots Cluster Puffs - Nerd Clusters Fruitburst - Starburst Fruity Rolls - Fruit Roll Ups Fruity Puffs- Jolly Ranchers Gummy : Bears, Frogs, Peach, Rings, Sharks, Soda Bottles, Watermelon, Worms Honey Bits - Bit of Honey Lemon Puffs - Lemonheads Milky Dudes - Milk Duds Rainbow Crunchies - Skittles Salt Water Taffy Sour Bites - Sour Warheads Sweet Mini Chews - Sweettarts Mini Chewy Tuutsy Rolls - Tootsie Rolls Each order packer has his or her own favorites, so your sampler package's assortment may vary from what you see in the photo. 3"x4.7" bags .5 to 1oz each

Package Dimensions: 7.2 x 5.6 x 4.9 inches

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