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Carnivorous Plant Food + Soil Kit, Carnivorous Bundle

Carnivorous Plant Food + Soil Kit, Carnivorous Bundle

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Brand: Bloomify


  • The boundle includes two 2.5" Plastic planters with carnivorouse soil mix and a bottle of clear gel carnivirouse plant food.
  • Transplant instructions included.
  • Solid Cube Gel: Solid gel mimics real pray for the plants
  • Versatile Food Item: Regardless of your plant, we got most carnivore plant covered. From Venus Flytrap and Sundew to Pitcher Plants, we developed this small Venus fly trap food suitable for every type.

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Details: This is the bundle you'd need for transplanting your Carnivorous Plants! Save $2 when purchasing our soil kit and carnivorous plant food as a bundle.

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