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Bloomify OG020 2.5" Planter-Transplant Kit Carnivorous Plant Soil

Bloomify OG020 2.5" Planter-Transplant Kit Carnivorous Plant Soil

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Brand: Bloomify

Color: Black


  • Two 2.5" Plastic planters.
  • Transplant instructions included.
  • A freezer bag of soil enough to fill the 2 planters to roughly 2/3 mark.

Binding: Lawn & Patio

model number: OG020

Part Number: OG020

Details: uct description

The soil is perfect for planting carnivorous plants: Venus flytrap, sundews and pitcher plant. The soil is mixed with 50% sphagnum peat moss with 50% silica sand which allows for quick drainage and holds a nice amount of moisture.

If you purchase our Venus Flytrap or Sundew maintenance free terrarium, here is transplant guide

When your plant has grown to the point where it fills the terrarium, it will slow down growth.. At this point you can take it out and transplant it into a pot. To get the plant out of the jar of the bulb glass jar, tape down the glass below the neck. Then using a hammer or heavy metal tool, a quick whack to the neck should break the top clean off.

After the plant is out, rinse the gel COMPLETELY off the plant under room temperature running water. If this step is skipped, molds will grow on the gel killing your plant. Use a pot with good drainage. Make sure the soil mix has no fertilizer added. Give the whole soil one generous wash with distilled water and discard the water. Bury the black roots of the plant into the soil. It is ok if part of the rhizome is in the soil as well. The most important rule to follow is that tap water or any mineral/fertilizer sources are LETHAL to these plants!

Lastly, your plant has been living in a high humidity, low light environment. It's crucial to slowly acclimate the plant over the course of a month or two. In the beginning keep your plant misted and covered to keep humidity levels high, then gradually wean off. We like to use a ziploc bag and open little by little over the course of a month. Water only with MINERAL FREE DISTILLED WATER! Keep an eye out to make sure there is no mold growth. If so, reduce the amount of watering. Placing your plant in the sun is a sure way to kill it! You can provide a low heat emitting light source like LED or fluorescent, but make sure it is over 12" away from the source. Do not attempt to do any feedings until i

Package Dimensions: 4.6 x 4.3 x 4.3 inches

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