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Bloomify Jewel Orchid [Macodes sanderiana/petola] Live Orchid in Self-Sustaining Ecosystem, 100% Maintenance Free Healthy Terrarium Plants Guarantee. (M. petola with Moss)

Bloomify Jewel Orchid [Macodes sanderiana/petola] Live Orchid in Self-Sustaining Ecosystem, 100% Maintenance Free Healthy Terrarium Plants Guarantee. (M. petola with Moss)

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Brand: Bloomify

Color: Golden,Green


  • ✅ Frustration-Free Indoor Plants. Bloomify is making orchid care even more simple with Jewel Orchid Terrariums. Start or grow your collection with the beautiful Macodes Sanderiana and Macodes Petola.
  • ✅ FREE HEAT PACK will be included in the shipping box for freezing area in winter.
  • ✅ No Maintenance With Terra Gel. Bloomify’s exclusive soil substitute is made especially for Jewel Orchids. Get the plant with all the necessary nutrients it needs to thrive inside for up to a year.
  • ✅ Grow Your Prized Jewels. These rare orchid siblings are known for their striking foliage. The golden flecks of veins, like lightning bolts, create a stunning contrast to the velvety green leaves.
  • ✅ Reduce Work-From-Home Stress. Add a hint of greenery inside your home office set-up with a decorative plant terrarium. Gift yourself or a friend a plant companion that’s pretty and easy on the eyes.
  • ✅ 100% Healthy Plant Growth. Get lush Jewel Orchids that grow healthily within 60 days. If not, contact Bloomify and receive a new plant on us or your money back. Plus, free heat pack during winter!
  • ✅ A Unique Surprise for the Holidays: Get this outstanding plant live is an awesome Christmas, birthday or special days gift for kids and adults alike! Get one of our live terrarium for every member of the family and watch the surprise on their faces.

Details: Zero Care Terrarium Experience maintenance-free plants with Bloomify. Instead of purchasing from the nursery and doing all the work yourself, get your plants already healthy. The secret is in our state-of-the-art soil alternative. Bloomify’s Terra Gel contains all the essential nutrients specific to the plant’s needs, including carbohydrates and water. This unique clear gel is enough to sustain the plants inside the terrarium for up to a whole year until you’re ready to transplant. Plus, our glass dome jar helps with the humidity conditions that these plants love. Prized Jewel Collection The Macodes Sanderiana and the Macodes Petola are considered the “diamonds” of the Jewel Orchids with rare yet striking beauty. The Macodes Sanderiana is a famous orchid species found in Borneo, with mostly dark leaves and gold or silver veins that look like lightning bolts. The Macodes Petola, on the other hand, is locally found in South-East Asia. It has a similar yet denser lightning pattern that almost sparkles, making it look quite magical. These siblings are known for their foliage that brings a zen feel to any home. Live and Thriving Home Decor Start growing your orchid collection with zero care Jewel Orchid Terrariums. Create a relaxing ambiance at home with luscious plants that automatically livens up any space. Place it on your desk to help you relax during a stressful day working from home. Or keep them on a shelf or table for a unique centerpiece that makes the conversation going.

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