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Aerospring Grower's Edition 3.0 Vertical Hydroponic Growing System - Patented Hydroponic Kit for Indoor Growing - Grow Flowering and Fruiting Plants

Aerospring Grower's Edition 3.0 Vertical Hydroponic Growing System - Patented Hydroponic Kit for Indoor Growing - Grow Flowering and Fruiting Plants

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Brand: Aerospring

Color: Gray


  • NEXT-LEVEL GROW SYSTEM: Using Aerospring’s patented aeroponic technology, this all-in-one grow system doesn’t require any additional components to grow like a pro. The root zone is contained in the modular vertical pole, and allows the plant’s roots to grow to their greatest potential. In addition to the Aerospring aeroponic system, the grow kit comes with everything you would expect including: 180W grow light, quiet exhaust fan, carbon-filter, metal frame, D600 grow tent.
  • HIGH QUALITY 180W LED GROW LIGHT: The all new, Aerospring Hexglow custom 180W custom LED light panel, full-spectrum, professional grow lights, highly efficient at 2.7 (umol/J), light intensity at 1272 PPFD (μmol/s) at 15in, CRI >90, CCT = 4000k, estimated lifespan 50,000 hours. Suitable spectrum for all stages of plant growth. 0-100% light dimmer included. Adjustable light height can be raised as the plant canopy grows.
  • DESIGNED BY GARDENERS, FOR GARDENERS: We designed the Aerospring system to be the most usable hydroponic system. Easy access to the water reservoir for water management. The 20 gallon reservoir requires less frequent refilling. Easily detachable internal hose for draining/changing water. The vertical pole is easy to disassemble for cleaning and reassembly, and dishwasher safe. Plastics are opaque, preventing algae from growing inside. The wheelbase allows for easy movement.
  • ODOR-FREE AND TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED: 4" carbon air filter with Australia virgin charcoal, odour control scrubber with changeable pre-filter. Quiet 4" inline duct fan with 0-100% variable speed controller, cutting edge brushless EC Motor and dual jet type blades, delivers 160 CFM airflow rate using just 18 watts at maximum speed.
  • GROW TENT FOR DISCREET GROWING: The fully sealable grow tent made with Oxford D600 tent material, with highly reflective white interior panels, increases plant growth while eliminating 100% of light seepage. Two colors available, gray and black, to fit with any interior.
  • IN THE BOX: Your Aerospring Grower’s 3.0 includes 9 plant vertical pole, metal frame and wheelbase, Oxford D600 tent, Hexglow 180W LED light panel, Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5 pump with 20' power cable, exhaust fan, smart WiFi power strip, digital hygrometer, 1L set Aerospring Hexgrow (A&B) nutrients, 9 Grodan Rockwool cubes, 9 Grow cups. Warranty: 12 month manufacturer's defect warranty on all parts; 24 months on LED grow light; and 3+2 year manufacturer’s warranty on Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5 pump

model number: ASGGROUS3G

Part Number: ASGGROUS3G

EAN: 8881300137618

Package Dimensions: 27.0 x 24.0 x 20.0 inches

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