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Abby Grow Box - Heyabby Indoor Automated Hydroponic Grow Tent Intelligent Complete System No Assembly Needed with 5 Sensors, Samsung LM301H & Cloud Climate Control 15.75"x15.75"x48" inch

Abby Grow Box - Heyabby Indoor Automated Hydroponic Grow Tent Intelligent Complete System No Assembly Needed with 5 Sensors, Samsung LM301H & Cloud Climate Control 15.75"x15.75"x48" inch

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Discover the Abby Grow Box and revolutionize your indoor gardening experience! This automated hydroponic grow tent is the perfect way to quickly and easily grow your plants with minimal effort. With intelligent climate control and five sensors, you can nurture your plants with maximum accuracy and efficiency. No assembly necessary, and Samsung LM301H power make this an unbeatable product - your plants will thank you!

Brand: Abby

Color: White


  • No Experience or Assembly Required: The Hey abby Grow Box is designed for anyone of any experience level to grow plants at home. The machine is pre-assembled and ready to plug and play. Everything you need to grow is already included in the package. Each abby unit includes the following items: power cable, trellis net, pruning sheers, magnetic hooks, airstone air diffuser, strainer, and low-stress training (LST) ties.
  • Fully-Automated Eco-system: Hydroponic technology and environmental simulators combine to create an automated plant growing system that simulates sunlight, monitors and regulates environmental factors, and maintains healthy water and air circulation. The unit is specially designed to reduce the impact on the environment and energy bills. Recent test study in California shows the average grow box uses less than $6 of electricity 1/mo, 70% less than closet growing setup with equivalent output.
  • Award-Winning Compact Design: The Hey abby Grow Box is designed to fit in just 2ft², making it ideal for any space or home. This complete indoor grow system uses a sleek and natural design, which blends into all environments and ensures discreet privacy. It functions with low noise that’s equivalent to a white noise machine, and provides low light pollution.
  • Best-in-Class LED Lighting System: Hey abby uses full-spectrum LED lighting (Samsung LM301H) and intelligent algorithms, which combine to provide your plant with an adaptive light schedule that reacts to its specific needs. An intelligent interactive dial ensures you always know the well-being of your plant.
  • Smart Growing: The Hey abby subscription includes incredible features that make growing easy and fun, including 1-to-1 online support and access to a growing community where you can share and learn from other plant enthusiasts. With our subscription, you'll get everything you need to enjoy a truly optimized experience, including high-quality nutrients, cloud climate control, resupplied carbon filters and plant baskets.

model number: hey abby grow box

Part Number: abby

Details: Fully automated and built with a digital interface, the Hey abby Grow Box means anyone can grow plants at home. With abby, you can easily grow a wide variety of herbs, plants and vegetables, which takes advantage of a deep water culture (DWC) system and environmental simulators, bringing a fully-automated garden into your home. Dual high-density carbon filtration & unique abby nutrients allow for 100% organic culture. With the Hey abby Grow Box app, growers can connect with one another and receive live 1-on-1 expert service. The app monitors the plant's lifecycle, rewarding you for reaching new milestones, as well as connecting you with other growers who you can share and grow together with. To know better about abby before your experience with us, please read some key points for your better reference. On Planting Volume At the moment, we recommend growing one plant at a time. On Growing Water We recommend using either purified, distilled, or reverse osmosis (RO) water. Tap water is not recommended, as it may have contaminants that can be harmful to plants. For optimum results, fill hey abby's water tank with 3 gallons of water every week. On Growing Period The length of a plant's life cycle depends on a number of factors, including its species, strain, and health. Upon reaching full maturity, some plants - under the correct condition - can stay in vegetation indefinitely. On Pest Issue Hey abby provides a separate growing space for your plant, effectively isolating them from any potential pests. However, it is important to keep your abby clean and free from pests that could get inside when the door is open. You should also regularly change the carbon filter. On Filtering Device Hey abby comes with a custom-made carbon filter that uses two layers of activated carbon to remove most odors from the air. However, certain smells are a natural part of gardening and cannot be completely eliminated. Some plants are more pungent than others, which tend to be strongest toward the end of the growing cycle. We recommend changing your filters after each grow and keeping abby's door closed whenever possible. While your subscription includes four replacement filters each year, you can purchase additional replacements from our online store.

EAN: 0734896541919

Package Dimensions: 48.0 x 15.5 x 15.5 inches

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