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Abby Grow Box - Hey Automated Grow Box 420 Edition AUTOMATED HYDROPONIC Growing System

Abby Grow Box - Hey Automated Grow Box 420 Edition AUTOMATED HYDROPONIC Growing System

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Brand: Abby

Color: White


  • Our goal was clear: to craft a hydroponic growing system that upholds Hey abby's renowned quality while introducing a more budget-friendly alternative - hence, the inception of Hey abby 420 Edition. Realizing that not every grower requires the advanced features of our flagship product OG, we took a thoughtful approach. We streamlined the design by removing non-essential components like the TFT screen, see-through window, and height sensors. The new 420 Edition is an indoor hydroponic system that
  • This indoor hydroponic system incorporates the Everlight XI3030P LED array, offering a full spectrum of light essential for plants' optimal growth. As one of the world's top 10 LED manufacturers, Everlight is dedicated to producing exceptional, high-quality LED lighting solutions. Within the 420 Edition grow box, its LED lighting system stands as the preferred choice among lots of professional growers, attesting to its reliability and performance.
  • Local clone nurseries report a mere 20% success rate among individual growers. However, with Hey abby's integrated, user-friendly indoor hydroponic system, this success rate skyrockets, increasing the chances of thriving plants fourfold.
  • While the easy-to-use 420 Edition is designed for beginners, our Pro Mode is designed for pro growers seeking customization. It allows you to have complete control over light schedules, intensities, and airflow to cater to your plants' unique requirements.
  • Become part of the thriving Hey abby community, where countless growers have achieved success with our hydroponic growing system! Count on us for instant support at every step, with expert guidance just a click away.

Binding: Kitchen

model number: 420 Grow Box

Part Number: 420 Grow Box

Details: We wanted to make a grow box that provided users with Hey abby quality, but at a more affordable price. Many of our growers don’t require the super hi-tech aspects to Hey abby. We removed the digital interface, the viewing window, and the height sensors, which are not essential to someone seeking a simple growing experience. With our 420 Edition, you now get to grow plants easily from home, whatever your budget.

EAN: 0734896542336

Package Dimensions: 48.0 x 15.5 x 15.5 inches

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