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5pcs Orange snowdrops Bulbs for Planting Now Spring Flowering Bulbs Double Single snowdrops Bulbs Bulb Collection Pack Wild Daffodil (Diameter: 0.8in)

5pcs Orange snowdrops Bulbs for Planting Now Spring Flowering Bulbs Double Single snowdrops Bulbs Bulb Collection Pack Wild Daffodil (Diameter: 0.8in)

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Color: Orange


  • Red snowdops uls ae often looming afte the wind and ain, The wind and lava ae eautiful to lily, the colo is eautiful, in geneal, the Red snowdops uls is suitale fo planting in many places, usually in the pak, the oad, the alcony, only planted the wind and ain, can see the eautiful figue of the Red snowdops uls .
  • Red snowdops uls launches the wam envionment, and the time to plant the ain and ain is est to choose the sping and summe season. Planting the wind and ain, fist of all, choose a potted potion and a good eathale flowe pot. The asin can choose some loose, ich in the soil containing oganism.
  • Peennial evegeen he, monocotyledonous. Undegound uls ovate. Stems shot, leaves seveal asal, flat linea, dak geen, soft. The flowe stems ae dawn fom the leaves, solitay at the top of the flowe stems, and the flowes ae tumpet-shaped, pink o othe colos.
  • Due to the stong adaptaility of Red snowdops uls, stong vitality, fo the daily management of Red snowdops, as long as it will give the Red snowdops, put the Red snowdops uls in the sun sunshine, keep enough light The Red snowdops uls can maintain a good long.
  • Red snowdops uls ochid hi the sun, aout 15 to 30 cm high, and it gows in clustes. The leaves ae linea, vey simila to chives. The stems ae dawn fom the leaves, with 6 petals. The flowe shape is lage, pink o stong pink, the petals ae slightly dooping, and each ul of the adult plant can loom. The floweing peiod is fom Apil to Septeme; it is suitale fo edge planting o potted plants in gaden eds.

Details: 1. Red snowdrops bulbs are mostly used for ground cover plants, flower beds, laces, under forests, and extensive potted cultivation and management. Green onion, sunny, nutritious soil, tolerant to half shade or low temperature environment.
2. The peduncle is short, the flower stem is hollow, solitary, with 6 tepals, the diameter of the corolla is 4 cm to 5 cm, and the petals are long oval to lanceolate. It is a perennial herb with a height of about 20cm. There are small and long-necked skin bulbs underground.
3. During the growth period, water should be sufficient, and it is advisable to keep the pot soil moist, but not to accumulate water. When the weather is dry, water should be sprayed frequently on the leaf surface to increase the air humidity, otherwise the leaf tip will become yellow and withered.
4. In the high temperature season of summer (the daytime temperature is above 35โ„ƒ), if it is kept under direct sunlight, it will grow very slowly or enter a semi-dormant state, and the leaves will also be burned and slowly turn yellow. , Shedding. Therefore, in the hot summer, about 50% of the sun should be blocked.
5. When putting it indoors, try to put it in a place with bright light, such as a living room, bedroom, study and other places with good lighting.

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