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20g Red Oxalis corymbosa DC Bulbs Red Shamrock Wood Sorrel Flower Oxalis triangularis Purple Shamrock Bulbs Red Shamrock for Home Garden Outdoor Planting.

20g Red Oxalis corymbosa DC Bulbs Red Shamrock Wood Sorrel Flower Oxalis triangularis Purple Shamrock Bulbs Red Shamrock for Home Garden Outdoor Planting.

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Color: Purple,Red,White


  • Oxalis coymosa wood soel is a light-loving plant, which can gow in full light in the open field and in the shade of tees, and gows vigoously in full light. Saffon wood soel is suitale fo moist envionment, gows pooly in dought and wate shotage, and can toleate shot-tem stagnant wate. Stong cold esistance, can e cultivated in the open field.
  • Peennial he, plant height 10-20cm, with spheical hizome undegound, white and tanspaent. Basal leaves, long petioles, thee leaflets compound leaves, leaflets ae inveted heat-shaped and aanged in tiangles. The flowes ae dawn fom the leaf clustes, the umels gow at the teminal, and the total pedicel is slightly highe than the leaf clustes. The floweing peiod is fom Apil to Octoe.
  • Oxalis coymosa wood soel can gow in geneal soil, ut it gows fastest on fetile, loose and well-dained sandy soil. It gows slowly in the hot season and is asically domant. Oganic fetilize is applied once a month duing the gowth peiod, with a little fetilize and wate management, the gowth will e apid and the floweing will continue.
  • Then thee ae some fiends who love flowes, so they planted this odinay small flowe in a flowepot. They didn’t expect that they would last fo seveal yeas. They gew paticulaly lush, and the amount of flowes was still supe lage, the oots gew stong, and they ecame The potted onsai also looks vey eautiful!
  • Oxalis coymosa wood soel plant is low, dense leaves, vedant geen, many small flowes, gogeous and lovely. In landscaping, it has extemely wide application pospects and is a good mateial to eplace lawn plants. It can e aanged into flowe eds, flowe odes, flowe clustes, flowe clustes and flowe stands, etc., with stale clustes, eautiful plant shapes, clea lines, elegant and nole, The landscape effect is ich.

Details: 1. These rhizomes can be transplanted into flowerpots for planting. The flowerpots do not need to use too large pots, because safflower clover has small plants. If the pots are too large, watering too much will easily accumulate water and cause the rhizome to break It can't germinate, so small pots are good, generally within 20 cm in diameter. 2. Red Shamrock can grow in general soil, but it grows fastest in loose and well-drained sandy soil. It should not be too deep when planting. Pay attention to watering during the growth period, keep it moist, and keep the flowers flourishing. 3. Separate the large plants of red Shamrock, each with several bulbs, and finally plant and water. The underground stems of the red Shamrock spread rapidly, ramming is very easy, and can be carried out all year round. Even in the blooming season, as long as the root soil is pressed tightly during planting, and after sufficient watering, a very high survival rate can still be obtained. 4. Although it is very simple to maintain and maintain, it must be exposed to the sun to promote its rhizomes to grow stronger, thicker, leaves more luxuriant, and grow into beautiful bonsai. The blossoms and long leaves are radial, really. It's beautiful and refreshing. 5. There is not much difference in the survival rate of red Shamrock cultivated in different periods. In general, the reproduction of red Shamrock is mainly in spring and autumn. It can also be propagated by sowing, which can be carried out in spring and autumn. At a high temperature above 25℃, buds can be produced within a week. In the first year of spring sowing, it can produce intact rhizomes and bloom.

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Package Dimensions: 4.8 x 2.5 x 0.9 inches

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