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  • Gardening tips 1-5 of 100.

     1. Getting started with gardening. 


    2. Acquiring the necessary materials. 


    3. Making a plan. 


    4. Choosing the right plants. 


    5. Tell your friends. 


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  • What friends should we invite into our garden?

    Every gardener ought to attempt to make her or his garden into a place magnetic to birds and frogs.  Find Birdhouses during Prime Day!
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  • How and When to plant a new lawn.

  • Let's Go Wild and PLANT WILDFLOWERS!

    For many gardeners, this is the time of year when we begin to think about what we want to do differently for the next planting season. Some of us may think of converting our mixed borders--or even our whole yard--into a wildflower garden. 

    It isn't a question of luck, but a question of discernment, for wild flowers are like individuals and each has its personality.

  • Quick At Home Upgrades with a Beautiful Planter Refresh

    For many people, the outdoor space is a place where they can enjoy nature and get some peace and quiet. Whether you want to reconnect with family, take a break from your busy schedule, or just enjoy the natural scenery, having an outdoor space is a great way to do this. You can also make your outdoor space more functional by installing planters, adding a fountain or adding a water feature. These will not only beautify your landscape, but they will also add functional value to your outdoor space. If you want to add more functionality to your outdoor space, consider installing a cookout area. The grill and fire pit will give your backyard a more personal feel. And because you are outside, you won’t have to worry about the mess that is often associated with grilling indoors.

    Simple Silhouettes and Modern Patterns will give your planters a Refresh!



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    These gourmet franks elevate the classic hot dog to a delicious new level. These are packed with the casing intact, just like true old fashioned franks.
  • This beautiful live bonsai tree's proper name is 'Nana' which is a dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper. It is slow-growing and height is limited but its trunk and crown will grow bigger as time passes. This bonsai is around 9 years old and it is rare.